The Chilean adobe as a seismic vernacular technology, the study of the “Norte Chico” area

Rivera Vidal, Amanda (2017) The Chilean adobe as a seismic vernacular technology, the study of the “Norte Chico” area. In: Vernacular and Earthen Architecture: Conservation and Sustainability. CRC Press, London, pp. 675-680. ISBN 978-1-138-03546-1 [Book Section]

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Abstract (in English)

Chile is one of the most seismic countries in the world where large earthquakes have occurred in the past and surely great earthquakes will occur in the future. The “Norte Chico” is an area of transition from arid to vegetation. It is located between the big Atacama Desert and the Chile’s capital Santiago. There is a large influence of colonial constructions, making adobe block widely used in the vernacular architecture. It is possible to identify a particular culture of adobe construction with seismic technologies which had been proved on the 8.3 Mw earthquake that took place in September 2015.

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Rivera Vidal, Amanda
Mileto, Camilla
Vegas López-Manzanares, Fernando
García-Soriano, Lidia
Cristini, V.
Languages: English
Keywords: Vernacular building techniques; Earthen constructive techniques; Earthquake-resistant devices; adobe
Subjects: C.ARCHITECTURE > 02. Building typologies
C.ARCHITECTURE > 04. Building materials
C.ARCHITECTURE > 05. Building techniques
C.ARCHITECTURE > 06. Structures of buildings
G.DETERIORATION > 02. Causes of deterioration
H.HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 27. Vernacular architecture
P. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS > 01. Americas
ISBN: 978-1-138-03546-1
ISSN: 978-1-315-26773-9
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Date Deposited: 11 Apr 2022 22:13
Last Modified: 30 May 2022 08:36
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