The Peterborough Petroglyphs/ Kinoomaagewaabkong: Confining the Spirit of Place

Zawadzka, Dagmara (2008) The Peterborough Petroglyphs/ Kinoomaagewaabkong: Confining the Spirit of Place. In: 16th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Symposium: ‘Finding the spirit of place – between the tangible and the intangible’, 29 sept – 4 oct 2008, Quebec, Canada. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Abstract (in English)

The Peterborough Petroglyphs/ Kinoomaagewaabkong rock art site is located in Ontario, Canada. Ever since it became widely known in 1954, the site has attracted scholarly attention and has captivated the popular imagination. In 1976, the Petroglyphs Provincial Park was created, an act which led to an increase in tourism. Fearing vandalism and deterioration, measures were undertaken in order to protect the site. In 1984, a building, which completely encloses the site, was erected over the white limestone outcrop. This structure has been widely debated in archaeological and heritage circles and is seen by many as a failed attempt at conservation. Furthermore, the building is believed to be an intrusive element which detracts from the site’s relationship to its natural setting. Researchers have demonstrated the importance of landscape in Canadian Shield rock art and that the placement of rock art sites reflects spiritual and cosmological beliefs of Algonquian-speaking peoples. Thus, the site transformed into a museum and effectively cut off from its surrounding environment fails to convey the spirit of the place. It is suggested that culturally informed alternative measures, such as boardwalks and viewing platforms would have prevented the separation of the site from its natural environment and would have permitted a more appropriate experience of the site.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Zawadzka, Dagmara
Languages: English
Keywords: rock art site; rock engravings; petroglyphs; spirit of place; spirituality; aboriginal cultures
Subjects: B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 12. Rock art site
O.INTANGIBLE HERITAGE > 01. Generalities
B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 13. Rock engraving
B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 11. Rock art
Name of monument, town, site, museum: The Peterborough Petroglyphs/ Kinoomaagewaabkong, Ontario, Canada
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 2008, 16th
Depositing User: Jose Garcia
Date Deposited: 10 Oct 2010 14:20
Last Modified: 13 Jan 2011 19:13

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