The Old Great North Road Cultural Landscape: Conservation Management Plan, Volume 1

(2005) The Old Great North Road Cultural Landscape: Conservation Management Plan, Volume 1. Other. Dharug National Park, Manuka, Australia, 305p. [Book]


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Abstract (in English)

Dharug National Park encompasses a 16km stretch of the Old Great North Road, between the spectacular ascent of Devine's Hill through to Ten Mile Hollow. Dharug NP also contains the original 5km ascent from the Hawkesbury known as Finch's Line. This CMP revises and updates the NPWS CMP of 1999. lt also introduces a new integrated consideration of community values, natural heritage values and the cultural landscape, which together form the context for the OGNR. Themission of this CMP is to provide NPWS and the community with a sustainable, achievable and strategic management approach to the OGNR cultural landscape. This management approach is based upon the significance of the OGNR cultural landscape, the identification of realistic management objectives, as well as optimal long-term outcomes. The OGNR cultural landscape possesses national, state and local significance because of its combination of cultural, historic, natural, indigenous and other community values. These values include: * rare and intact examples of convict-built public works and of early colonial road engineering, with demonstrated research potential and high community esteem. * part of a large complex of bushland that surrounds Sydney, and continuous with the northeastern extremity of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Aiea. * geology that contributes importantly to the character and aesthetic appeal through its range of differential sandstone weathering. * an Indigenous cultural landscape including pre-colonial and colonial sites with demonstrated research potential and community value. Strategic Management Approach The strategic management approach aims to minimise loss and deterioration of cultural fabric and landscape quality through the implementation of a detailed Maintenance Plan. The approach has the following three levels of implementation: 1) Baseline management of the entire road corridor, including vegetation management, use and access management, and monitoring; 2) Management cycles of maintenance, inspection and monitoring on a precinct by precinct basis; and 3) Identification of strategic, long-term objectives which can be activated as funding becomes available: Interpretation and Visitor Facilities Strategies; A Long Term Repair and Reconstruction Strategy targeting Precinct 4: Mitchell's Loop (stabilisation and road surfacing works); and Precinct 2: Shepherds Gully Road (upgrading to provide access for vehicles for maintenance works avoiding Devine's Hill) ;and a Long Term Masonry Conservation Strategy.

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Corporate Authors: Dharug National Park; NSW NPWS; Griffin NRM Pty Ltd
Languages: English
Keywords: world heritage; world heritage sites; australia; prisons; sites of memory; memory; historic sites; management; management plans; conservation measures; strategies; protection of cultural landscapes; cultural significance; values; roads
Subjects: H.HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 06. Cultural landscapes
M.WORLD HERITAGE CONVENTION > 02. World Cultural and Natural Heritage
Name of monument, town, site, museum: Australian Convict Sites
Volume: 1
Number of Pages: 305
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