Dealing with the historic cores of "swollen cities": Notes from the Brazilian perspective

Adams, Betina (2005) Dealing with the historic cores of "swollen cities": Notes from the Brazilian perspective. In: 15th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Symposium: ‘Monuments and sites in their setting - conserving cultural heritage in changing townscapes and landscapes’, 17 – 21 oct 2005, Xi'an, China. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Abstract (in English)

The economic dynamic on a world wide level, transformed the timing of the city-cycles, especially in developing countries. The velocity of these changes can cause consequences that are beyond repair. The problems of the historic cores of the cities can be focused in the following aspects:

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Adams, Betina
Languages: English
Keywords: urban development; urban renewal; urban conservation; town planning; population; identity; architecture; sustainable urban development; setting; Brazil
Subjects: D.URBANISM > 02. Urban planning
H.HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 12. Historic towns and villages
Name of monument, town, site, museum: Florianopolis, Brazil
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 2005, 15th
Depositing User: Jose Garcia
Date Deposited: 27 Oct 2010 06:29
Last Modified: 13 Jan 2011 19:14
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7. IPUF – Instituto de Planejamento Urbano de Florianópolis, Database.

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