The mensiochronology of traditional building elements as way to safe the authenticity of monuments and urban environments.

Guerriero, Luigi and Rondinella, Luigi (2008) The mensiochronology of traditional building elements as way to safe the authenticity of monuments and urban environments. In: 16th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Symposium: ‘Finding the spirit of place – between the tangible and the intangible’, 29 sept – 4 oct 2008, Quebec, Canada. [Conference or Workshop Item]


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Abstract (in English)

The following paper shows the method used to analyse the morphological and dimensional directions we need to define the chronology of building post-medieval components of Campania Felix, the big Italian coast region which goes from Naples to Sorrento, in the South, and to Capua, in the North. The dating of the the distinctive elements of the building civilization of a territorial area allows the knowledge of the cultural interest in the fabric of a city (buildings which are the structure of historical centres and areas) and the qualification of each traditional (historical) building as unique element of human history. Mensiochronological analysis is based on the statement of irreproducible construction materials, which can be investigated as individual identity, looking from this perspective at the irreducible complexity of the phenomena and historical courses and at the instability of the critic judgement (historical relativism). According to the gnoseology linked to the recognition of the building phases each building – studied in its totality of materia signata - legitimates the saving of the stratifications, and contributes to the cultural qualification of the building property. If we look from this perspective at the post-medieval archeological investigation it gets an autonomus hemeneutical importance contributing to the structure of the real complexity.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Guerriero, Luigi
Rondinella, Luigi
Languages: English
Keywords: Mensiochronological analysis; building materials; monuments; authenticity; urban environment
Subjects: C.ARCHITECTURE > 05. Building techniques
C.ARCHITECTURE > 04. Building materials
Name of monument, town, site, museum: Campania Felix, Italy
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 2008, 16th
Depositing User: Jose Garcia
Date Deposited: 10 Sep 2010 09:33
Last Modified: 13 Jan 2011 19:12
References: Fiengo, G. and Guerriero, L. (1998) Murature tradizionali napoletane. Cronologia dei paramenti tra il XVI ed il XIX secolo, Napoli:.Arte Tipografica

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