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(2015) 世界文化遗产管理. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 147p. ISBN 978-92-3-500006-1. [Book]

(2015) 世界自然遗产管理. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 98p. ISBN 978-92-3-500007-8. [Book]

(2015) 世界遗产灾害风险管理. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 63p. ISBN 978-92-3-500005-4. [Book]

(2015) 世界遗产申报筹备手册 · 第二版2011. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 145p. ISBN 978-92-3-500008-5. [Book]

(2017) 20世纪文化遗产保护方法马德里-新德里文件2017 [Approaches for the conservation of twentieth-century cultural heritage: Madrid – New Delhi Document 2017. Mandarin version]. Other. ICOMOS 16p. Madrid-New Delhi Document, Chinese. ISBN 978-2-918086-63-5. [Book]

(2011) Approaches for the conservation of twentieth-century architectural heritage: Madrid Document 2011 = Approche de la sauvegarde du patrimoine bâti du XXe siècle: Document de Madrid 2011 = Criterios de conservación del patrimonio arquitectónico del siglo XX: Documento de Madrid. Other. ICOMOS 92p. Madrid Document, Multilingual. [Book]

(2017) Approaches for the conservation of twentieth-century cultural heritage: Madrid - New Delhi Document 2017. Other. ICOMOS 314p. Madrid-New Delhi Document, Multilingual. ISBN 978-2-918086-63-5. [Book]

(2020) COLLECTIONS OF INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS ON CULTURAL HERITAGE PROTECTION (2006-2017). Other. Cultural Relics Press, Beijing, China, 910p. ISBN 978-7-5010-7081-7. [Book]

Leitão, Leticia, Bourdin, Gwenaëlle, Badman, Tim and Wigboldus, Leanna (2017) Connecting Practice Phase II: Final Report. Project Report. ICOMOS/IUCN 176p. [Book]

(2015) Connecting Practice Project: Final Report. Project Report. IUCN 18p. [Book]

Cuno, James B., Weiss, Thomas G., Adams, Simon, Appiah, Kwame Anthony, Bandarin, Francesco, Bokova, Irina, Bowersock, Glen W., Charlier, Benjamin, Chechi, Alessandro, Deknatel, Frederick, Dugan, Dexter W., Eakin, Hugh, Eloundo Assomo, Lazare, Francioni, Francesco, Gerstenblith, Patty, Gowan, Richard, Harris, Rachel, MacGregor, Neil, Hassner, Ron E., Margolies Beitler, Ruth, Montejo, Victor, Mustafayev, Tural, Parzinger, Hermann, Powderly, Joseph, Rai, Ashrutha, Renold, Marc-André, al-Sabouni, Marwa, Sagan, Scott D., Sands, Philippe, Schmidtke, Sabine, von Schorlemer, Sabine, Serageldin, Ismail, Singh, Kavita, Slim, Hugo, Stein, Gil G., Stone, Peter G., Welsh, Jennifer M. and Wise, Paul H. (2022) Cultural heritage and mass atrocities. Other. Getty Publications, Los Angeles (USA), 619p. ISBN 978-1-60606-807-6 (print), 978-1-60606-808-3 (epub), 978-1-60606-809-0 (mobi), 978-1-60606-810-6 (PDF). [Book]

ICOMOS Annual Report in Chinese. Other. ICOMOS 40p. [Book]

(2015) International workshop on the sustainable development of Honghe Hani rice terraces: proceedings. Conference Volume. ICOMOS China 289p. ISBN 978-750-125-04-79. [Book]

López Morales, Francisco Javier (ed.) and Vidargas, Francisco (ed.) (2014) Los nuevos paradigmas de la conservación del patrimonio cultural. 50 años de la Carta de Venecia. Conference Volume. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, 308p. ISBN 978-607-484-533-4. [Book]

(2015) Principles for the conservation of heritage sites in China (revised 2015). Other. ICOMOS China, Beijing, 115p. ISBN 978-7-5010-4400-9. [Book]


UNSPECIFIED (2011) Newsletter on Serial Transnational Nomination for World Heritage of Silk Roads. , 1, 1. 23p . [Journal]


Martínez Yáñez, Celia, Maclaren, Fergus, Smith-Christensen, Cecilie, Gowen, Margaret, Donovan, Jim, Kelly, Ian, Millar, Sue, Fonseca, Sofía, Deyá, Tomeu, Bhattacharya, Ananya and Hiriart Pardo, Carlos Alberto (2022) ICOMOS International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (2022): Reinforcing cultural heritage protection and community resilience through responsible and sustainable tourism management. Adopted by the ICOMOS Annual General Assembly (Bangkok, Thailand) in November 2022 = 国际古迹遗址理事会ICOMOS 国际 文化遗产旅游宪章 2021)):通过负责任和可持续的旅游管理加强文化遗产保护及社区韧性宪章于2022年11月召开的ICOMOS年度大会(泰国曼谷)上通过. ICOMOS, Charenton-le-Pont, France. [Other]

Feng, Jian and Yao, Xun (2013) ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi'an 2012 Annual Report. ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi'an. [Other] (Unpublished)

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