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(2017) ICOMOS Guidance on Post trauma recovery and reconstruction for World Heritage Cultural Properties. Working Paper. ICOMOS 16p. [Book] (Unpublished)

(2016) ICOMOS-ISCS: Illustrated glossary on stone deterioration patterns = املرسد املصور ألمناط تلف الحجارة. Manual. ICOMOS, Paris, 78p. Monuments & Sites (2001-), Vol. XV. ISBN 978-9947-0-4708-8. [Book]

Rammah, Mourad (2012) Kairouan. Architecture et spiritualité. Project Report. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 49p. ISBN 978 84 15195 05 4. [Book]

OPVM, Office Manual of the earthen construction techniques. Manual. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 33p. [Book]

Knidiri, Mohamed (2011) Marrakech. Histoire, Patrimoine, Culture et Spiritualité. Manual. Montada (CAATEEB) , Marrakech, 55p. ISBN 978-84-15195-01-6. [Book]

(2008) Mediterranean rehabilitation experiences. Technical Report. RehabiMed (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 252p. ISBN 84 87104 93 2. [Book]

OPVM, Office (2011) M’Zab: parcours de ses monuments. Guide des sites et monuments historiques de la vallée du M'Zab. Other. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 49p. ISBN 978 84 15195 03 0. [Book]

Fakhraddine, Mohamed (2011) Regards sur le patrimoine. Manual. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 120p. ISBN 978 84 15195 08 5. [Book]

(2007) RehabiMed Method. Traditional Mediterranean Architecture I. Town & Territory Rehabilitation. Manual. RehabiMed (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 360p. ISBN 84 87104 76 6. [Book]

(2007) Rehabimed Method. Traditional Mediterranean Architecture II. Rehabilitation Buildings. Manual. RehabiMed (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 401p. ISBN 84 87104 76 8. [Book]

Vafadari, Azadeh, Cesaro, Giorgia, Santana Quintero, Mario, Van Balen, Koen and Vileikis, Ona (2012) Risk management at heritage sites: A case study of the Petra world heritage site. Project Report. UNESCO, Paris; Aman, 128p. ISBN 978-92-3-001073-7. [Book]

Rammah, Mourad and Karoui, Khaled (2008) Réhabilitation et tourisme durable à Kairouan, Tunisie. La tradition, les habitants et le tourisme. Manual. RehabiMed (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 68p. ISBN 84 87104 89 4. [Book]

Mohammed, Fetha (2012) Salé. Other. Montada (CAATEEB), Salé, 58p. ISBN 978 84 15195 10 8. [Book] (In Press)

Mohammed, Fetha (2012) Salé, genèse d'une cité islamique. Technical Report. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelone, 207p. ISBN 978 9954 31 086 1. [Book]

El Fani, Anouar (2011) Sousse. La médina, un passé glorieux, un patrimoine culturel somptueux. Other. Montada (CAATEEB), Barcelona , 46p. ISBN 978 84 15195 00 9. [Book]

Abdulhalim, Haifaa, Abulhawa, Tarek, Cummings, Tricia and Osipova, Elena (2015) TABE'A II report: Enhancing Regional Capacities for World Heritage. Technical Report. IUCN-ROWA / Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, Amman, Jordan / Manama, Bahrain, 74p. ISBN 978-2-8317-1732-6. [Book]


ICOMOS Iran Scientific Committee on Vernacular Architecture (CIAV-IRAN) (2019) CIAV-IRAN Bulletin. , 2. 86p . [Journal]


(2015) Heritage and Cultural Diversity at Risk in Iraq and Syria/Patrimoine et diversité culturelle en péril en Iraq et en Syrie/التراث والتنوع الثقافي معرضان للخطر في العراق وسوريا. UNESCO. [Other]

Mubaideen, Shatha, Esposito, Alessandra and Yousef, Arzaq (2020) MaDiH (مديح) Instance on CKAN: User Guide (Arabic version). Zenodo, Zenodo. [Other]

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