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Berti, Maurizio (2016) Conservation of coral stone architectural heritage on the coast of East Africa. Conservation of Ar- chitectural Heritage (CAH), Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 225 . pp. 47-56. ISSN 1877-0428 [Article]

Caballero, Gabriel Victor (2016) The role of natural resources in the historic urban landscape approach. Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, 6 (1). pp. 2-13. ISSN 2044-1266 [Article]

Corti, Cristina, Rampazzi, Laura and Visonà, Paolo (2016) Hellenistic Mortar and Plaster from Contrada Mella near Oppido Mamertina (Calabria, Italy). International Journal of Conservation Science (7). pp. 57-70. ISSN 2067-8223 [Article]

Karakul, Özlem (2016) Authenticity as a Sustainable Value of Holistic Conservation: The Case of Turkey’s World Heritage Sites. Megaron, 11 (4). [Article]

Khalaf, Roha (2016) A viewpoint on the reconstruction of destroyed UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 23 (3). pp. 261-274. ISSN DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2016.1269239 [Article]

Palmer, Mark (2016) Sustaining indigenous geographies through world heritage: a study of Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. Sustainability Science, 11 (1). pp. 13-24. ISSN 1862-4065 [Article]

Rampazzi, Laura, Colombini, Maria Perla, Conti, Claudia, Corti, Cristina, Lluveras-Tenorio, Anna, Sansonetti, Antonio and Zanaboni, Marco (2016) Technology of medieval mortars: an investigation into the use of organic additives. Archaeometry (58). pp. 115-130. ISSN 1475-4754 [Article]

Sansonetti, Antonio, Striova, Jana, Biondelli, Danilo, Aliatis, Irene and Rampazzi, Laura (2016) Hidden colours in stuccowork damaged by fire: A multi-analytical investigation for revealing the original decorative pattern. Journal of Cultural Heritage (22). pp. 1055-1060. ISSN 1296-2074 [Article]

Conference or Workshop Item

Caballero, Gabriel Victor (2016) Understanding the different histories and heritage meanings of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, to interpret its importance to people and the State. In: International Conference on Heritage Education: Historical Education in Asia, Issues & Challenges, 27-29 August 2015, Manila, Philippines. [Conference or Workshop Item]

ICOMOS, Mexico (2016) Documento de Santiago de querétaro, nuevos retos de la protección legal de las ciudades históricas. In: XXXV Symposium Internacional de Conservacion del Patrimonio Cultural organizado por Icomos Mexicano, 8/9 December 2016, Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. [Conference or Workshop Item] (Unpublished)

Matta, Ellyn and Caballero, Gabriel Victor (2016) Improving the Resilience of Small Towns using Cittaslow Principles. In: 53rd IFLA World Congess: Tasting the Landscape, 20-22 April 2016, Torino, Italy. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Book Section

Osorio, Katti (2016) Génesis de una propiedad del Patrimonio Mundial: El Mar del Sur y el "Sitio Arqueológico de Panamá Viejo y Distrito Histórico de Panamá". In: Memoria - Encuentro· El Mar del Sur: 500 Años Después, una visión interdisciplinaria. Editorial Universitaria Carlos Manuel Gasteazoro, Panamá, Panamá, pp. 79-94. ISBN 978-9962-53-271-2 [Book Section]


(2016) إدارة التراث الثقافي العالمي. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 152p. ISBN 978-92-3-600047-3. [Book]

(2016) إدارة مخاطر الكوارث للتراث العالمي. Manual. UNESCO, Paris (France), 74p. ISBN 978-92-3-600046-6. [Book]

(2016) Conservation Area Designation, Appraisal and Management. Technical Report. Historic England 23p. [Book]

(2016) Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Tighermt (Kasbah) Taourirt. Project Report. J Paul Getty and Cerkas 163p. ISBN 987-1-937433-34-5 (online resource). [Book]

(2016) Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Kenya: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach. Documentation. UCL Press, London, 228p. ISBN 978-1-910634-84-4. [Book]

(2016) Culture: Urban future. Global report on culture for sustainable urban development. Manual. UNESCO, Paris France, 303p. ISBN 978-92-3-100170-3. [Book]

(2016) Dediščina Slovenije in UNESCO = Slovenian UNESCO heritage. Other. Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije : ICOMOS Slovenija, Ljubljana, 82p. ISBN 978-961-6990-03-5. [Book]

(2016) Endangered heritage, Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections. Manual. UNESCO, ICCROM, PARIS,, 29p. ISBN 978-92-3-100162-8. [Book]

(2016) Gestión y manejo del Patrimonio Mundial en México: Problemática, acciones y retos. Other. INAH 138p. ISBN 978-607-484-860-1. [Book]

(2016) Gestão do patrimônio mundial cultural. Manual. UNESCO Brasil, Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico Nacional, Brasilia, 160p. ISBN 978-85-7652-207-2. [Book]

(2016) Post-Trauma Reconstruction. Proceedings of the 1-day Colloquium at Icomos Headquarters, 4 March 2016. Volume 1 and 2 . Conference Volume. ICOMOS International Secretariat, Charenton-le-Pont, France, 35p. ISBN 978-2-918086-09-3 [Vol. 1 en]; 978-2-918086-03-1 [Vol. 1 fr], 978-2-918086-18-5 [Vol. 2 en & fr]. [Book]

(2016) Przygotowanie wniosków o wpisanie na Listę światowego dziedzictwa - Wersja druga, 2011. Manual. Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa / National Heritage Board of Poland, Warsaw (Poland), 147p. ISBN 978-83-63260-71-2. [Book]

(2016) The UNESCO World Heritage and the role of civil society. Proceedings of the International Conference, Bonn 2015. Conference Volume. World Heritage Watch, Berlin, 230p. ISBN 978-3-00-051953-6. [Book]

(2016) Wederopbouw, een kansrijke erfenis. Technical Report. Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed 17p. [Book]

Berti, Maurizio (2016) A heritage of coral stone. Other. Coop. Libraria Editrice Università di Padova, Padova, 311p. ISBN 978 88 6787 535 1. [Book]

De Vries-Oosterveen, Akke, De Mars, Hans and Dehing, Sjaak (2016) Onderzoek herstel Watermolenlandschappen Aa en Maas. Technical Report. De Waterfabriek 45p. [Book]

Delgado Rodrigues, José and João Revez, Maria (2016) ICOMOS-ISCS: Illustrated glossary on stone deterioration patterns = Glossário ilustrado das formas de deterioração da pedra. Manual. ICOMOS, Paris, 78p. Monuments & Sites (2001-), Vol. XV. ISBN 978-3-86568-667-1. [Book]

Editor : Sankovic Simcic, Vjekoslava (2016) Savremene percepcije kulturnog naslijeda Austro-Ugarske u Bosni i Hercegovini. Radovi sa simpozija od 22.novembra 2014.u Sarajevu.Contemporary perception of the Austro-Hungarian cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Proceedings of the Symposium from 22nd November 2014 in Sarajevo. (Publication written in two alphabets Latin and Cyrillics). Conference Volume. ICOMOS Bosnia and Herzegovina 244p. ISBN 978-9958-9094-7-4 (electronic version). [Book]

Hamiane, Messaoud, Aissaoui, Bouakaz, Shaer, May, Kamel, Said, Abu-Jaber, Nizar and Hamarneh, Catreena (2016) ICOMOS-ISCS: Illustrated glossary on stone deterioration patterns = املرسد املصور ألمناط تلف الحجارة. Manual. ICOMOS, Paris, 78p. Monuments & Sites (2001-), Vol. XV. ISBN 978-9947-0-4708-8. [Book]

Maria Pia Gallina Tessaro, PG, Verónica Ortega, VO, Carlos Hiriart Pardo, CHP, Ignacio Gómez Arriola, IGA, Yadira Gómez Hernández, YGH and Felipe Martínez Mesa, FMM (2016) Gestión y Manejo del Patrimonio Mundial en México. Problemática, acciones y retos. Conference Volume. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, 135p. ISBN 978-607-484-860-1. [Book]

O'Keefe, Roger, Péron, Camille, Musayev, Tofig and Ferrari, Gianluca (2016) Protection of Cultural Property, Military Manual. Manual. UNESCO, PARIS, 91p. ISBN 978-92-3-100184-0. [Book]


UNSPECIFIED (2016) The Future of the World Heritage Convention for Marine Conservation: Celebrating 10 years of the World Heritage Marine Programme / L’avenir de la Convention du patrimoine mondial pour la conservation marine : le Programme marin du patrimoine mondial célèbre ses dix ans. , 45. 147p . ISSN 978-92-3-200144-3 (ISBN Fre) / 978-92-3-100194-9 (ISBN Fre) [Journal]

ICOMOS Germany (2016) Hefte des deutschen national komitees ICOMOS / Journals of the German National Committee. , LXII, 62. 152p . ISSN 978-3-945880-11-1 [Journal]

ICOMOS Germany; Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege (2016) Hefte des deutschen national komitees ICOMOS / Journals of the German National Committee. , LXI, 61. 135p . ISSN 978-3-8271-8046-9 [Journal]

Direccion de Patrimonio Mundial (2016) Hereditas. , 25-26. 104p . ISSN 2448-6841 [Journal]

Dirección de Patrimonio Mundial (2016) Hereditas. , 25/26. 100p . ISSN 2448-6841 [Journal]

UNSPECIFIED (2016) Understanding World Heritage in Europe and North America Final Report on the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting 2012-2015 / Comprendre le patrimoine mondial en Europe et Amérique du Nord Rapport final sur le deuxième cycle des Rapports périodiques 2012-2015. , 43. 190p . ISSN 978-92-3-100149-9 (ISBN Fre) / 978-92-3-2000958 (ISBN Fre) [Journal]

Historic Scotland, Technical Conservation, Research and Education Group (2016) INFORM guide: information for historic building owners. Damp: Causes and Solutions. . 8p . [Journal]


Berengier, Axel (2016) The Role of Inter-Organisational Collaboration in Countering the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property. Masters thesis, The University of Glasgow. [Thesis]


Würfl, Alexander, Waagner, Theresia and Redl, Dagmar (2016) WORLD HERITAGE/WELTERBE BÜRGERHÄUSER IN SALZBURG - Edition, #2, Herrengasse 26-28. Stadtgemeinde Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria. [Other]

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