Culture: Urban future. Global report on culture for sustainable urban development

(2016) Culture: Urban future. Global report on culture for sustainable urban development. Manual. UNESCO, Paris France, 303p. ISBN 978-92-3-100170-3. [Book]

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Abstract (in English)

As the cornerstone of society, culture must lie at the heart of sustainable policies and strategies. Yet, despite its vital importance, key questions such as: ‘How has culture influenced urban development across the world?’ and ‘How can culture make a difference to our urban future?’ have often remained unexplored. This Report, the first of its kind, explores the role of culture for sustainable urban development. It is intended as a policy framework document to support governments in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Urban Development and the New Urban Agenda. In search of a common thread between the past and the future, the Report examines the contribution of culture to urban sustainability from two analytical angles: a global survey implemented with nine regional partners across the world; and key thematic insights. The Report thus analyses the situation, trends, threats and existing opportunities in different regional contexts, and presents a global picture of urban heritage safeguarding, conservation and management, as well as the promotion of cultural and creative industries, as resources for sustainable urban development. The Report also includes a set of maps and a section on UNESCO’s strategic networks reflecting the Organization’s various fields of competence. Building on the findings of this global research and thematic reflection, the Report presents new guidelines and recommendations, rooted in culture, to ensure that the cities of tomorrow are safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Item Type: Book (Manual)
Languages: English
Keywords: urban areas; sustainable development; sustainability; guidelines; recommendations; Cultural policy; urban development; governance; town planning; theory of town planning; UN; Sustainable development goals; case studies; historic towns; urban renewal
Subjects: D.URBANISM > 02. Urban planning
D.URBANISM > 03. Town and country planning
D.URBANISM > 04. Rehabilitation
J.HERITAGE ECONOMICS > 05. Heritage and sustainable development
K.LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES > 05. International organizations
P. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS > 01. Americas
P. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS > 04. Asia and Pacific islands
Institutions & Partners: UNESCO
Number of Pages: 303
ISBN: 978-92-3-100170-3
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Date Deposited: 14 Sep 2017 15:33
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