Integrating cultural heritage in urban territorial sustainable development

Fusco Girard, Luigi and Nocca, Francesca (2018) Integrating cultural heritage in urban territorial sustainable development. In: ICOMOS 19th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium "Heritage and Democracy", 13-14th December 2017, New Delhi, India. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Abstract (in English)

The importance of the Agenda 2030 will be analysed through the 16+1 SDG’s (that represent a vision about the desirable future of humanity in the XXI century) and through the New Urban Agenda. These SDG’s can be implemented in the territory/ city systems. The New Urban Agenda recognizes in the article 124 culture as a “priority component of urban plans and strategies”, thus representing the entrance point of culture into SDGs (where it is substantially ignored). The New Urban Agenda can open the perspective of new humanistic/ ecological paradigm based on critical thinking, holistic approach, relationship between human beings and between human beings and ecosystems. How can we pass from principles to actions? Which tools regarding in particular the implementation of UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Approach? The paper will propose a new original set of indicators and evaluation tools for improving conservation/ development choices. Cultural Heritage is interpreted as a good example of commons that evokes a community that is able to identify management/ organizational rules founded on self-organization and self-government. The principle of subsidiarity is assumed as a starting point for implementing innovative public private social partnership. At the same time, this commons approach suggests new forms of economy: cooperative economy, solidarity economy, social economy and, more in general, circular economy.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Fusco Girard, Luigi
Nocca, Francesca
Languages: English
Keywords: new paradigm; circular economy; subsidiarity; responsibility; social inclusion; City systems; Sustainable Development Goals; Urban Agenda; urban planning; UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape; community; management; cultural heritage
Subjects: D.URBANISM > 02. Urban planning
D.URBANISM > 03. Town and country planning
E.CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 09. Social and economic aspects of conservation
J.HERITAGE ECONOMICS > 05. Heritage and sustainable development
National Committee: ICOMOS International
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 19th General Assembly, New Delhi, 2017
Depositing User: intern icomos
Date Deposited: 29 Jan 2019 09:52
Last Modified: 29 Jan 2019 09:52
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