Il Patrimonio Umano prima ancora del Patrimonio dell’Umanità

Niglio, Olimpia Il Patrimonio Umano prima ancora del Patrimonio dell’Umanità. CITIES OF MEMORY, 1 (1). [Article]

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Abstract (in English)

What is the human heritage? What we mean with the concept of value? Beside the concepts of heritage and of value is associated the cultural identity. The problem of identity is often associated with the concept of belonging to a group or an urban context, and because this ghettoises people and makes them unwilling to be compared to anyone else, it expresses the negativity of this concept. Moreover the human science affirms that human beings cannot be analysed on the basis of the group or category to which they belong, since to do so would make it impossible to assess and acquire knowledge of the numerous correlations that exist between individuals who belong to different cultures. It would negate part of a collective cultural heritage that has a fundamental role to play in the developmental process of humanity. This paper analyzes these issues and intends to compare theories and interdisciplinary scientific studies that examine the role of the human heritage for the cultural development of the civil sustainability.

Item Type: Article
Niglio, Olimpia
Languages: Italian
Keywords: Human Heritage, Humanity, Culture, Wolrd
Subjects: A. THEORETICAL AND GENERAL ASPECTS > 02. Concept and definition
A. THEORETICAL AND GENERAL ASPECTS > 09. Philosophy of conservation
A. THEORETICAL AND GENERAL ASPECTS > 12. Theory of conservation
Volume: 1
Number: 1
Depositing User: Prof. Arch. Olimpia Niglio
Date Deposited: 18 Mar 2020 17:23
Last Modified: 18 Mar 2020 17:23

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