The great East Japan earthquake: report on the damage to the cultural heritage

Akasaka, Makoto, Doi, Shoko, Hanazato, Toshikazu, Morii, Masayuki and Yano, Kazuyuki (2011) The great East Japan earthquake: report on the damage to the cultural heritage. Technical Report. ICOMOS Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 32p. [Book]

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Abstract (in English)

The Tohoku Earthquake (East Japan Great Earthquake) which occurred on 11th March 2011 was a tremendous earthquake measuring magnitude 9.0. The tsunami caused by this earthquake was 8-9m high, which subsequently reached an upstream height of up to 40m, causing vast and heavy damage over a 500km span of the Pacific East coast of Japan (the immediate footage of the power of such forces now being widely known throughout the world). The total damage and casualties due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami are estimated to be approximately 19,500 dead and missing persons; in terms of buildings, 115,000 totally destroyed, 162,000 half destroyed, and 559,000 buildings being partially destroyed. (…) There have been many enquiries from all over the world about the state of damage to cultural heritage in Japan due to the unfolding events. Accordingly, with the cooperation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan ICOMOS issued on 22nd March 2011 a first immediate report regarding the state of Important Cultural Properties designated by the Government, and sent it to the ICOMOS headquarters, as well as making it public on the Japan ICOMOS website. Following this, on 29th March 2011, the Flash Report on the Situation of Damage on Cultural Properties and Buildings, Scenery and Historic Sites was also sent to the ICOMOS headquarters and made public on our website. We now have this opportunity to bring to the public, a comprehensive report of the state of damage to cultural properties which has been made possible by further detailed information provided by members of Japan ICOMOS. It is our hope and wish that this report may become an important reference for experts in the many countries throughout this world which shares and lives side-by¬side with the threat of such natural disasters. At the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to ask for your continued support to the people and professionals in every part of Eastern Japan and Tohoku regions, as they continue to walk the path to recovery. [From the introduction by Yukio Nishimura, President of the Japan ICOMOS National Committee]

Item Type: Book (Technical Report)
Akasaka, Makoto
Doi, Shoko
Hanazato, Toshikazu
Morii, Masayuki
Yano, Kazuyuki
Corporate Authors: ICOMOS Japan
Languages: English
Keywords: Japan; earthquakes; tsunamis; earthquake damage; water damage; assessment of damage; photographs; post-disaster situation
Subjects: G. DETERIORATION > 02. Causes of deterioration
G. DETERIORATION > 04. Effects of deterioration
H. HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 01. Generalities
P. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS > 04. Asia and Pacific islands
National Committee: Japan
Number of Pages: 32
Depositing User: ICOMOS DocCentre
Date Deposited: 02 Aug 2023 09:52
Last Modified: 06 Mar 2024 11:42

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