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Alvarez, J. I., Veiga, R., Martínez-Ramírez, S., Secco, M., Faria, P., Maravelaki, P. N., Ramesh, M., Papayianni, I. and Válek, J. (2021) RILEM TC 277-LHS report: a review on the mechanisms of setting and hardening of lime-based binding systems. Materials and Structures, 54 (2). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1359-5997 [Article]

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Laborel-Préneron, Aurélie, Faria, Paulina, Aubert, Jean-Emmanuel and Magniont, Camille (2021) Assessment of Durability of Bio-based Earth Composites. Recent Progress in Materials, 03 (02). p. 1. ISSN 26895846 [Article]

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Pereira, Alice S., Oliveira, Alexandre, Lemos, Paulo C., Guerra, João P.L., Candeias, António and Faria, Paulina (2021) Biotreatment of ceramic bricks: The impact of the application method of an innovative bioproduct on biomineralization. Construction and Building Materials, 300 . p. 124050. ISSN 0950-0618 [Article]

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Ranalli, Giancarlo, Zanardini, Elisabetta, Andreotti, Alessia, Colombini, Maria Perla, Corti, Cristina, Bosch-Roig, Pilar, De Nuntiis, Paola, Lustrato, Giuseppe, Mandrioli, Paolo, Rampazzi, Laura, Giantomassi, Carlo and Zari, Donatella (2018) Hi-tech restoration by two steps biocleaning process of Triumph of Death fresco at the Camposanto Monumental Cemetery (Pisa, Italy). Journal of Applied Microbiology, 125 . pp. 800-812. ISSN 1365-2672 [Article]

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Conference or Workshop Item

CARDACI, Alessio and VERSACI, Antonella (2010) Through the eye of the 3d laser scanner: The digital colors of the historic city of Enna. In: Colour & light in architecture, 11-12 November 2010, Venice, Italy. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Santos, T., Faria, P. and Gomes, M. I. (2021) Earth, Gypsum and Cement-Based Plasters Contribution to Indoor Comfort and Health. In: RSCC2020 - 3rd RILEM Spring Convention and Conference, Guimarães, Portugal. [Conference or Workshop Item]

VERSACI, Antonella and CARDACI, Alessio (2011) Il rilievo “automatico” del colore: nuove tecnologie a supporto della lettura cromatica per il restauro dell’edilizia storica. In: Il colore nel costruito storico. innovazione, sperimentazione, applicazione, 13-15 October 2011, Lerici, Italy. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Zabari, Noemi (2021) Analysis of craquelure patterns in historical painting using image processing along with neural network algorithms. In: SPIE Optical Metrology, 2021, online. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Book Section

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Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley Civilization: Water supply and water use in one of the largest bronze age cities of the third millennium bc. Technical Report. N/A 19p. [Book]

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Cavicchio, Alison (2022) An evaluation of shelter coating as a preventive conservation method for earthen sites. Masters thesis, University of Pennsylvania. [Thesis]

Rodrigues, Chenelle Fatima (2020) Comparison of the vernacular earthen architecture in Goa (past Portuguese colony in India) and Alentejo (Portugal): Local building cultures and conservation approaches = Comparaison de l’architecture vernaculaire en terre de Goa (ancienne colonie portugaise en Inde) et de l’Alentejo (Portugal): Cultures constructives locales et approches de conservation. Other thesis, École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble. [Thesis]

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