Te tūtohinga ICOMOS o Aotearoa mō te atawhai i ngā tino wāhi ahurea tuku iho - whakahou 2010 [ICOMOS New Zealand charter for the conservation of places of cultural heritage value - revised 2010. Maori version]

(2010) Te tūtohinga ICOMOS o Aotearoa mō te atawhai i ngā tino wāhi ahurea tuku iho - whakahou 2010 [ICOMOS New Zealand charter for the conservation of places of cultural heritage value - revised 2010. Maori version]. Other. ICOMOS New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, 12p. ISBN 978-0-473-17116-2 [PDF] & 978-0-473-17111-7 [print]. [Book]

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Abstract (in English)

New Zealand retains a unique assemblage of places of cultural heritage value relating to its indigenous and more recent peoples. These areas, cultural landscapes and features, buildings and structures, gardens, archaeological sites, traditional sites, monuments, and sacred places are treasures of distinctive value that have accrued meanings over time. New Zealand shares a general responsibility with the rest of humanity to safeguard its cultural heritage places for present and future generations. More specifically, the people of New Zealand have particular ways of perceiving, relating to, and conserving their cultural heritage places. Following the spirit of the International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (the Venice Charter - 1964), this charter sets out principles to guide the conservation of places of cultural heritage value in New Zealand. It is a statement of professional principles for members of ICOMOS New Zealand. This charter is also intended to guide all those involved in the various aspects of conservation work, including owners, guardians, managers, developers, planners, architects, engineers, craftspeople and those in the construction trades, heritage practitioners and advisors, and local and central government authorities. It offers guidance for communities, organisations, and individuals involved with the conservation and management of cultural heritage places. This charter should be made an integral part of statutory or regulatory heritage management policies or plans, and should provide support for decision makers in statutory or regulatory processes. Each article of this charter must be read in the light of all the others. Words in bold in the text are defined in the definitions section of this charter. This revised charter was adopted by the New Zealand National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites at its meeting on 4 September 2010. [Preamble]

He kohikohinga ahurei tō Aotearoa o ngā tino wāhi ahurea tuku iho o te tangata whenua me tauiwi hoki. Ko ēnei wāhi, ngā wāhi ahurea, ngā āhuatanga ahurea hoki, ngā whare me ngā hanganga, ngā māra, ngā wāhi huakanga, ngā wāhi taketake, ngā whakamaharatanga, me ngā wāhi tapu he taonga tino whai mana kua whai tikanga mai anō, mai anō. He kawenga tō Aotearoa me te ao whānui ki te tiaki i ngā wāhi tuku iho mō ngā whakatipuranga o nāianei, me ērā o muri. Otirā, kei ngā iwi o Aotearoa ā rātou ake tikanga mō te āhua o te titiro atu, te tohu, me te atawhai i ō rātou wāhi ahurea tuku iho. I runga i te wairua o te kaupapa o Te Tūtohinga o te Ao mō te Atawhai me te Whakaora i ngā Whare Tawhito me ngā Wāhi (te Tūtohinga o Venice – 1964), e whakarārangi ana tēnei tūtohinga i ngā mātāpono hei ārahi i te atawhai o ngā tino wāhi ahurea tuku iho i Aotearoa. He tauākītanga o ngā mātāpono ngaio mō ngā mema ICOMOS o Aotearoa. Hei ārahi anō tēnei tūtohinga i te hunga kei roto i ngā mahi huhua o te atawhai, tae atu ki ngā tāngata nō rātou ngā whenua, ngā kaitiaki, ngā kaiwhakahaere, ngā kaiwhakawhanake, ngā kaiwhakamahere, ngā kaihoahoa, ngā kaipūkaha, ngā tohunga haratau me ērā i roto i ngā mahi hanga whare, ngā kaitiaki rawa me ngā kaitohutohu, tae atu ki ngā āpiha o te kāwanatanga me te kāwanatanga ā-rohe. He tuku tohutohu mō ngā hapori, ngā whakahaere, me ngā tāngata i roto i ngā kaupapa atawhai me te whakahaere i ngā wāhi ahurea tuku iho. Me uru tēnei tūtohinga hei wāhanga matua o ngā kaupapa here me ngā mahere whakahaere rawa tuku iho, ā-ture, ā-whakaritenga hoki, me te tuku tautoko ki te hunga whakatau tikanga i roto i ngā whakahaere ā-ture. Me pānui ia upoko o tēnei tūtohinga i runga i te whakaaro mō ngā upoko katoa. Ko ngā kupu miramira e whakamāramahia ana i te wāhanga whakamārama o tēnei tūtohinga. I whakamanahia tēnei tūtohinga e te Komiti o Aotearoa mō Ngā Pouwhenua o te Ao i tana hui i te 4 o Mahuru 2010. [Kupu whakamahuki]

Item Type: Book (Other)
Corporate Authors: ICOMOS New Zealand
Languages: Maori
Keywords: philosophy of conservation; conservation techniques; ethics; doctrine; New Zealand
Subjects: A. THEORETICAL AND GENERAL ASPECTS > 09. Philosophy of conservation
E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 02. Theory and doctrinal texts
P. GEOGRAPHIC AREAS > 04. Asia and Pacific islands
National Committee: New Zealand
Number of Pages: 12
ISBN: 978-0-473-17116-2 [PDF] & 978-0-473-17111-7 [print]
Depositing User: ICOMOS DocCentre
Date Deposited: 06 Mar 2024 15:25
Last Modified: 06 Mar 2024 15:26
URI: https://openarchive.icomos.org/id/eprint/3249

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