Mosaics No. 3, Conservation in situ, Aquileia 1983

(1985) Mosaics No. 3, Conservation in situ, Aquileia 1983. Conference Volume. ICCROM, Rome, Italy, 385p. [Book]


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Abstract (in English)

Concerned at the lack of interest in the conservation of mosaics by those responsible for them, ICCROM organized a conference on the subject in November 1977. The results of that conference were beyond our expectations because from it emerged a Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics. The Board of that Committee has since published the papers presented at that conference, first in French as Mosaique No 1: Deterioration et conservation, and later in English. The Board subsequently met in Carthage and Perigueux. This volume, which was issued first in French as Mosaique No 2: Sauvegarde, is the result of discussions in those places. A reading of these reports demonstrates that an evolving mosaic methodology is replacing experimentation. The text is the result of the work of an international group of specialists, begun during a conference at Carthage and finished at Perigueux. It does not attempt to be a complete conservation manual. It presents, instead, a systematic approach to floor mosaic conservation based on the experience of a team of art historians and technicians. The text is concerned only with pavement mosaics. It does not discuss wall mosaics or such related subjects as gilt tesserae, Cosmati work, opus sectile, or round and square stones. The methods discussed can be adapted to local conditions. The method chosen will also be influenced by the materials that are obtainable. Although we believe that, in general, every effort should be made to conserve a mosaic in situ and not detach it, certain conditions sometimes make such action necessary. Thus we describe various methods of lifting and the selection of new supports for the mosaic.

Actes du premier colloque international sur la conservation des mosaïques qui s'est tenu du 2 au 5 novembre 1977 à l'ICCROM, Rome, Italie. Dans presque tous les pays de l'ancien monde romain, les mosaiques murales ou de pavement sont bien souvent peu ou mal entretenues après leur découverte. Ceci amène rapidement disparition de documents parfois uniques. Une prise de conscience de ce problème est nécessaire à tous les niveaux: * au niveau des techniciens afin qu'ils mettent en commun leurs expériences pour critiquer, si nécessaire, les méthodes anciennes et orienter les chercheurs pour améliorer les techniques. * au niveau des archéologues afin qu'ils reconnaissent qu'une mosaïque découverte est une mosaïque en danger et que leur devoir ne s'arrête pas à une étude scientifique et à la publication. La conservation est en effet une des tâches, pénible certes, mais impérative pour un archéologue. * au niveau des responsable administratifs afin qu'ils comprennent l'importance du patrimoine, qu'ils y portent intérêt et qu'ils inscrivent les budgets nécessaires pour sa conservation. * au niveau du public afin que par des actions isolées ou groupées il aide les spécialistes chargés de la conservation.

Item Type: Book (Conference Volume)
Selvig, Forrest
Corporate Authors: ICCROM; ICCM
Languages: English, French, Italian
Keywords: mosaics; conservation of mosaics; restoration of mosaics; management of cultural heritage; roman heritage; roman art; pavements; restoration techniques; methodology; conservation in situ; lifting of mosaics; conservation treatments; cleaning of mosaics; case studies; lacunae; presentation; Italy; Cyprus; Spain; Portugal; rescue archaeology; walls; floors; consolidation of mosaics; groutings
Subjects: B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 02. Archaeological site and remains
B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 06. Urban archaeological site
B. ARCHAEOLOGY > 15. Other
C. ARCHITECTURE > 07. Decorations and ornaments
G. DETERIORATION > 05. Prevention of deterioration
H. HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 03. Archaeological sites
International Scientific Committee: Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage
Institutions & Partners: ICCROM
Number: 3
Number of Pages: 385
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