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Dominguez, Virginia R., Silverman, Helaine, Reuben, Grima, Assaad, Seif, Webber, Ndoro, Lilley, Ian, Lertcharnrit, Thanik, Higueras, Alvaro, Moyer, Teresa S., Gadsby, David A. and Morris, Stephen (2017) World Anthropologies. Special section on Cultural Heritage/Management. American Anthropologist, 119 (1). pp. 122-140. ISSN 1548-143 [Article]

Nigro, Lorenzo, Ripepi, Gaia, Hamdan, Iyad and Yasine, Jehad (2015) The Jericho Oasis archeological Park - 2015 Interim report italian-palestinian cooperation for protection and valorization of archaelogical heritage. Vicino Oriente (19). pp. 215-243. ISSN 0393-0300 [Article]

Ruiz Lanuza, Agustin and Pulido Fernández, Juan Ignacio (2015) El impacto del Turismo en los Sitios Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Una revisión de las publicaciones científicas de la base de datos Scopus / The impact of tourism on the World Heritage Sites. A review of scientific publications Scopus database. PASOS Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural, 13 (5). pp. 1247-1264. ISSN 1695-7121 [Article]

Wijesuriya, Gamini (2017) Towards the de-secularisation of heritage. Built Heritage (2). pp. 1-15. [Article]

Conference or Workshop Item

Aleksandrovna, Markina Irina (2005) Role of public organizations in elaborating and realization of developing programs for cities with valuable historical heritage. In: 15th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Symposium: ‘Monuments and sites in their setting - conserving cultural heritage in changing townscapes and landscapes’, 17 – 21 oct 2005, Xi'an, China. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Anguelova, Rachelle (1979) Rapport de l'activité du Comité International d'Architecture Vernaculaire de l'ICOMOS pendant la période 1.09.1978-31.08.1979. In: ICOMOS International comittee on vernacular architecture - 2nd session, october 17-20, 1979, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Caballero, Gabriel Victor (2017) Crossing Boundaries: Linking Intangible Heritage, Cultural Landscapes, and Identity. In: Pagtib-ong: UP Visayas International Conference on Intangible Heritage, May 25-26, 2017, Iloilo City, Philippines. [Conference or Workshop Item] (In Press)

Graz, Christophe (2011) Réflexions autour des inventaires, manuels et méthodes. In: ICOMOS 17th General Assembly, 2011-11-27 / 2011-12-02, Paris, France. [Conference or Workshop Item]

ICOMOS, Mexico (2016) Documento de Santiago de querétaro, nuevos retos de la protección legal de las ciudades históricas. In: XXXV Symposium Internacional de Conservacion del Patrimonio Cultural organizado por Icomos Mexicano, 8/9 December 2016, Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. [Conference or Workshop Item] (Unpublished)

Licciardi, Guido (2011) Supporting economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries: The contribution of historic city rehabilitation and cultural heritage conservation. In: ICOMOS 17th General Assembly, 2011-11-27 / 2011-12-02, Paris, France. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Park, Sohyun (2012) Precautions for heritage to be a driver for regional development: A critical review of related principles manifested in the ICOMOS charters from a development perspective. In: ICOMOS 17th General Assembly, 2011-11-27 / 2011-12-02, Paris, France. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Vincent, Jean-Marie (2012) Le patrimoine rural, vecteur d'aménagement durable des territoires ruraux français. In: ICOMOS 17th General Assembly, 2011-11-27 / 2011-12-02, Paris, France. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Book Section

Hughes, Stephen (2018) TICCIH, ICOMOS & The World Heritage. In: Protection and Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Dilemmas, Problems, Examples. Monographic publications of ICOMOS Slovenia (2). ICOMOS Slovenia, Ljubljana, pp. 82-99. ISBN 978-961-288-673-8 [Book Section]

Ifko, Sonja (2018) Protection of Authenticity and Integrity of Industrial Heritage Sites in Reuse Projects. In: Protection and Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Dilemmas, Problems, Examples. Monographic publications of ICOMOS Slovenia (2). ICOMOS Slovenia, Ljubljana, pp. 44-57. ISBN 978-961-288-673-8 [Book Section]

McMahon, mary (2018) Protective Measures For The Conservation Of Ireland’s Industrial Heritage. In: Protection and Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Dilemmas, Problems, Examples. Monographic publications of ICOMOS Slovenia (2). ICOMOS Slovenia, Ljubljana, pp. 36-43. ISBN 978-961-288-673-8 [Book Section]

RADOINE, HASSAN (2003) Conservation-Based Cultural, Environmental, and Economic Development: The Case of the Walled City of Fez. In: The human sustainable city: challenges and perspectives from the Habitat Agenda. Ashgate, Aldershot, Burlington, pp. 457-477. ISBN 978-0754609452 [Book Section]


(1996) 10th General Assembly, Colombo proceedings, National Committee,ICOMOS 1993. Conference Volume. Sri Lanka ICOMOS National Committee, Colombo, 275p. Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies), ISBN 955-613-100-0. [Book]

(2017) Case studies carried out within the ‘Our Common Dignity Initiative 2011-2016: Rights-Based Approaches in World Heritage’. Technical Report. ICOMOS Norge, Oslo, 28p. [Book]

(2015) Connecting Practice Project: Final Report. Technical Report. IUCN 18p. [Book]

(2013) Convenciones Unesco. Una visión articulada desde Iberoamérica. Conference Volume. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México, 300p. ISBN 978-607-484-460-3. [Book]

(2016) Culture: Urban future. Global report on culture for sustainable urban development. Manual. UNESCO, Paris France, 303p. ISBN 978-92-3-100170-3. [Book]

(2017) ICOMOS Guidance on Post trauma recovery and reconstruction for World Heritage Cultural Properties. Working Paper. ICOMOS 16p. [Book] (Unpublished)

(1999) La consolidation des mortiers dans les maçonneries anciennes:les coulis d'injection. Technical Report. Section française de l'ICOMOS, paris, Cahiers d'ICOMOS France, 5. [Book]

(2015) Our common heritage, for a National World heritage Strategy 2015-2025. Documentation. Finnish Ministry of Education, Finland, 37p. ISBN 978-952-2633545 (online). [Book]

(2016) Post-Trauma Reconstruction. Proceedings of the 1-day Colloquium at Icomos Headquarters, 4 March 2016. Volume 1 and 2 . Conference Volume. ICOMOS International Secretariat, Charenton-le-Pont, France, 35p. ISBN 978-2-918086-09-3 (eng); 978-2-918086-09-1(fre)[Vol. 1], 978-2-918086-18-5[Vol. 2]. [Book]

(2018) Protection and Reuse of Industrial Heritage: Dilemmas, Problems, Examples. Conference Volume. ICOMOS Slovenia, Ljubljana, 147p. ISBN 978-961-288-673-8. [Book]

(2017) REPORT: The Advisory Body “Our Common Dignity Initiative” on Rights-based approaches in World Heritage: Taking stock and looking forward. Project Report. ICOMOS Norway, Oslo, 28p. [Book]

(2015) Siem Reap Declaration on Tourism and Culture - Building a New Partnership Model / Déclaration de Siem Reap Tourisme et culture - Construire un nouveau partenariat / Declaración de Siem Reap sobre turismo y cultura: Construyendo un nuevo modelo de cooperación. Other. UNWTO/UNESCO 5p. [Book]

(2016) The UNESCO World Heritage and the role of civil society. Proceedings of the International Conference, Bonn 2015. Conference Volume. World Heritage Watch, Berlin, 230p. ISBN 978-3-00-051953-6. [Book]

(2015) Workshop on revitalization of indigenous architecture and traditional building skills. Conference Volume. UNESCO, Paris, 120p. [Book]

Chapman, William and Collins, Robertson (1992) Urban Conservation in Bombay and Pune. The State of Maharashstra, India. Report of a Technical Exchange project. Project Report. US ICOMOS 66p. [Book] (Unpublished)

López Morales, Francisco Javier (ed.) and Vidargas, Francisco (ed.) (2014) Los nuevos paradigmas de la conservación del patrimonio cultural. 50 años de la Carta de Venecia. Conference Volume. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, 308p. ISBN 978-607-484-533-4. [Book]

O'Keefe, Roger, Péron, Camille, Musayev, Tofig and Ferrari, Gianluca (2016) Protection of Cultural Property, Military Manual. Manual. UNESCO, PARIS, 91p. ISBN 978-92-3-100184-0. [Book]

Parent, Michel (1985) Summary Report on the VIIth ICOMOS General Assembly, May 12 to 18,1984. Rostock/Dresden, German Democratic Republic. / Compte-rendu de la VIIème Assemblée Générale de l'ICOMOS.12-18 Mai 1984. Rostock/Dresden, République Démocratique Allemande. Conference Volume. ICOMOS International; ICOMOS German National Committee, Paris, Berlin, 56p. Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies), [Book]


UNSPECIFIED (2015) América Patrimonio, 7 (2015). , 7. 163p . ISSN 0719-0182 [Journal]


Berengier, Axel (2016) The Role of Inter-Organisational Collaboration in Countering the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property. Masters thesis, The University of Glasgow. [Thesis]

Pedrosa, Patrícia (2011) Cultural significance as a criterion for the conservation of World Heritage. Masters thesis, Federal University of Pernambuco. [Thesis]

Robison, Paul (2013) UNESCO and the Preah Vihear Dispute: Challenges Facing Cosmopolitan Minded International Institutions in Dispute Resolution. Masters thesis, The American University of Paris. [Thesis]

Woynar, Marion (2012) Gestion du patrimoine culturel et nouvelle vision du développement : enjeux et défis dans la dynamique historique du Mexique. PhD thesis, CREDESPO - Université de Bourgogne, France. [Thesis]


(2015) Heritage and Cultural Diversity at Risk in Iraq and Syria/Patrimoine et diversité culturelle en péril en Iraq et en Syrie/التراث والتنوع الثقافي معرضان للخطر في العراق وسوريا. UNESCO. [Other]

Feng, Jian and Yao, Xun (2013) ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi'an 2012 Annual Report. ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi'an. [Other] (Unpublished)

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