Evropski principi kvalitete za intervencije finansirane sredstvima EU-a s potencijalnim efektom na kulturnu baštinu: preporuke i kriteriji za odabir, novembar 2020 [European Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with potential impact upon Cultural Heritage - Recommendations & Selection Criteria, November 2020. Bosnian translation]

Dimitrova, Elena, Lavenir, Marie-Laure, McMahon, Paul, Mūrniece, Baiba, Musso, Stefano Francesco, Nagy, Gergely, Rauhut, Christoph, Rourke, Grellan D., Sciacchitano, Erminia and Selfslagh, Bénédicte (2024) Evropski principi kvalitete za intervencije finansirane sredstvima EU-a s potencijalnim efektom na kulturnu baštinu: preporuke i kriteriji za odabir, novembar 2020 [European Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with potential impact upon Cultural Heritage - Recommendations & Selection Criteria, November 2020. Bosnian translation]. Manual. ICOMOS International, Paris, 12p. European Quality Principles, Bosnian. ISBN 978-2-918086-91-8. [Book] (Unpublished)

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Abstract (in English)

This Quality Principles document stems from the work of an expert group assembled by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), under the mandate of the European Commission and in the framework of the European Union (EU) Flagship Initiative of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, “Cherishing heritage: developing quality standards for EU-funded projects that have the potential to impact on cultural heritage”. The main objective of the document is to provide guidance on quality principles for all stakeholders directly or indirectly engaged in EU-funded interventions that could impact on cultural heritage, mainly built heritage and cultural landscapes. Stakeholders cover European institutions, managing authorities, international organisations, civil society and local communities, the private sector, and experts. The document focuses on the core issue of quality, providing a summary of key concepts, international charters, European and international conventions and standards as well as changes in understanding and practice of heritage conservation. Environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits resulting from the application of quality principles are outlined. Given that the recognition of cultural heritage as a common good and responsibility is a precondition of quality, it is proposed to adopt quality measures through raising awareness and by strengthening the implementation of conservation principles and standards at every stage of the cycle, from programming to evaluation. The document recognises the need to develop capacity throughout the wide range of stakeholders involved. Principal areas are noted, related to programming, design, implementation, governance, risk assessment, research, education and training. Key research outcomes and specific recommendations are presented with each topic. The main recommendations can be summarised as shown on the following table. A set of Selection Criteria is proposed at the end of the document, as a tool for decision makers to assess the quality of projects with potential impact on cultural heritage. This revised edition of the Quality Principles document has benefited from additional feedback received from partners and stakeholders, in particular following expert meetings held during the Romanian and German EU Presidencies. ICOMOS hopes that the Quality Principles and Selection Criteria will be used by the EU institutions, Member States and others and is committed to support such efforts.

U okviru Evropske godine kulturne baštine 2018. i na zahtjev Evropskekomisije, Međunarodno vijeće za spomenike i spomeničke cjeline (ICOMOS)izradilo je „Evropske principe kvalitete za intervencije finansirane sredstvimaEU-a s potencijalnim efektom na kulturnu baštinu”. S naglaskom naarhitektonsko nasljeđe i kulturne pejzaže, bila je to jedna od deset vodećihinicijativa Evropske komisije s ciljem osiguranja trajnih efekata Evropskegodine. Iako je priznavanje kulturne baštine kao općeg dobra i odgovornosti preduslovkvalitete, ciljevi kvalitete moraju se uzeti u obzir u svakoj fazi procesa iživotnog ciklusa, od osmišljavanja programa finansiranja do evaluacije nakraju projekta.U publikaciji je predloženo 40 glavnih preporuka uz skup kriterija za odabirprocjene kvalitete projekata s mogućim efektom na kulturnu baštinu. Istise navode u nastavku dokumenta radi lakše dostupnosti i operativnosti.ICOMOS se nada da će, sa ovom zasebnom publikacijom, institucije EU-a,države članice i drugi imati koristan alat za osiguranje, pa čak i unapređenjekvalitete intervencija u području naše zajedničke baštine.

Item Type: Book (Manual)
Dimitrova, Elena
Lavenir, Marie-Laure
McMahon, Paul
Mūrniece, Baiba
Musso, Stefano Francesco
Nagy, Gergely
Rauhut, Christoph
Rourke, Grellan D.
Sciacchitano, Erminia
Selfslagh, Bénédicte
Đonlagić, Selma
Turkušić Jurić, Elša
Murtić, Aida
Šešum, Siniša
Corporate Authors: ICOMOS Bosnia and Herzegovina
Languages: Bosnian
Keywords: conservation of cultural heritage; Europe; European Union; principles; standards; built heritage; public funding; public awareness; development projects; impact assessment; prevention of risks; environmental aspects; social and economic aspects; civil society; local communities; private sector; stakeholders; guidance; protection of cultural heritage; policies
Subjects: E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 02. Theory and doctrinal texts
E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 09. Social and economic aspects of conservation
E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 11. Legal protection and Administration
K. LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES > 05. International organizations
National Committee: Bosnia and Herzegovina
ICOMOS Special Collection: European Quality Principles
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: Bosnian
Number of Pages: 12
ISBN: 978-2-918086-91-8
Depositing User: ICOMOS DocCentre
Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2024 09:27
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2024 09:27
URI: https://openarchive.icomos.org/id/eprint/2882

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