City of Knowledge-Wisdom: handling sustainable routes for heritage safeguard

Mota Botello, Graciela Aurora (2023) City of Knowledge-Wisdom: handling sustainable routes for heritage safeguard. In: ICOMOS Scientific Symposium 2021 - Living heritage and climate change, 9-10 November 2021, online. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Abstract (in English)

The City of Knowledge-Wisdom (CKW) developed an intelligent social model system that can be reproduced exponentially in historic public urban spaces looking to empower sustainable communities. Supported by schemas of doing by learning and learning by doing actions, it lets people enrich and translate their own experience and living sense of the heritage place. This model also contributes to a good support network for active community groups and the development of tools that bridge scales through global, national, and local heritage policies and strategies partnered with universities. With management plans and monitoring changes such as key indicators requested by UNESCO for enlisting World Heritage Sites, this living participation system with the people, for the people, and by the people stimulates the impact assessment, joining synergies with the community and stakeholder involvement. Defining guidelines, principles, and basic criteria to identify spaces, collective meanings, memories, and social practices - historical and contemporary - linking to creating and transmitting academic, professional, and trade knowledge, as well as promoting a regional, national, and international interpretative appreciation associated with: 1. The foundation and development of educational institutions; 2. The preservation of collections and documentary archives and collections of scientific, technological, and artistic nature, among others; 3. The identification of the spaces in which productive economic practices and technological innovations were introduced and disseminated in the work processes; 4. The identification of spaces for the creation of cultural expressions in the historical transformations of regions and cities; 5. The identification of the experiences and policy instruments of action for the recognition and safeguarding of these assets; 6. The establishment of the principles and criteria for the correct use of these properties as resources for the development of broad and durable international cooperation, promoting respect for their authenticity and integrity, adequate conservation, and their historical significance; 7. How could the sub-routes of our knowledge and wisdom be conceived, looking for a continental, global framework. - Sustainable culture is handled with integrated management of heritage areas into the cultural landscape, townscape, and urban heritage. It is closely shared with patrimonial territories, the social construction of the habitat, and the social production of public space programmes.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Mota Botello, Graciela Aurora
Languages: English
Keywords: community participation; social policy; management; network; education; presentation; Mexico; Spain
Subjects: E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 07. Management
E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 09. Social and economic aspects of conservation
E. CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 10. Education and training
J. HERITAGE ECONOMICS > 05. Heritage and sustainable development
National Committee: ICOMOS International
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 2021 Advisory Committee Scientific Symposium
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Date Deposited: 31 Aug 2023 08:34
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