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UNSPECIFIED (2023) Blue papers. , 2, 1. 181p . ISSN 2950-1466 (print) & 2950-1423 (online) [Journal]

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Abstract (in English)

PART I Challenges, Concepts and New Approaches – 1. Sandra Pellegrom. The UN SDGs as Compass for Sustainable Water and Heritage Management. – 2. Carola Hein. Toward a Research and Action Agenda on Water and Heritage? A First Attempt at Refining Terminologies, Concepts and Priorities. – 3. Eddy Moors. Capacity Development and Cultural Heritage: Toward a New “Culture of Water”. – 4. Eriberto Eulisse. Museums for the Past and Future Meaning of Water. – 5. Carlota Houart. Engaging with Water and Rivers from a Multispecies Justice Perspective. – 6. Karl M. Wantzen. River Culture: Living with the River, Loving the River, Taking Care of the River. – 7. Sylvia Amann. Water and Culture Policies: An Illustrative Case of Updated Collaborative Transformation Policies. – 8. Charlotte Jarvis, Maria Pena Ermida and Ole Varmer. Threats to Underwater Cultural Heritage from Existing and Future Human Activities. – 9. Gabriel Caballero, Bretony Colville, Elena Perez-Alvaro and Saranya Dharshini. Intersection of Heritage, Water, and the Work of the ICOMOS Sustainable Development Goals Working Group. PART II Methodologies and Case Studies – 10. Kunlé Adeyemi, interviewed by Carlien Donkor and Matteo D’Agostino. African Water Cities: Embedding Local Knowledge for Sustainable Coexistence between Humanity and the Environment – 11. Eriberto Eulisse. Toward a World Inventory of Water-Related Museums, Heritage Assets and Values to Promote Sustainability Education. – 12. Suzanne Loen. Thirsty Islands and Water Inequality: The Impact of Colonial Practices on Freshwater Challenges in the Dutch Caribbean. – 13. Sannah Peters, Maarten Ouboter and Jeroen Oomkens. Looking Back Paves Our Way Forward: The Delta City of Amsterdam. – 14. Majid Labbaf Khaneiki and Abdullah Saif Al-Ghafri. Water Cooperation and Ideology in Local Communities. – 15. Mariëtte Verhoeven, Fokke Gerritsen and Özgün Özçakır. Revitalizing Istanbul’s Water Heritage: The Valens Aqueduct. – 16. Andrew Bernard, Christopher Fullerton, Meisha Hunter, Tonja Koob Marking and Priyanka Sheth. The Erie Canalway: Stewardship and Multivalent Significance of Historic Waterways. – 17. Danna Albanyan. Rebuilding Port Infrastructure Heritage in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Item Type: Journal
Hein, Carola
D'Agostino, Matteo
Donkor, Carlien
Lin, Queenie
Sennema, Hilde
Languages: English
Keywords: water heritage; water management
Subjects: H. HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 25. Underwater cultural heritage
J. HERITAGE ECONOMICS > 05. Heritage and sustainable development
H. HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 27A. Water heritage
International Scientific Committee: Water and Heritage
Institutions & Partners: UNESCO
Volume: 2
Number: 1
Number of Pages: 181
ISSN: 2950-1466 (print) & 2950-1423 (online)
Depositing User: ICOMOS DocCentre
Date Deposited: 29 Aug 2023 11:21
Last Modified: 30 Aug 2023 12:53

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