Emerging Civic Engagement in the Revitalization of Minor Historic Centers, Cases from Reggio Calabria, Italy

Yapeng, Ou (2018) Emerging Civic Engagement in the Revitalization of Minor Historic Centers, Cases from Reggio Calabria, Italy. In: ICOMOS 19th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium "Heritage and Democracy", 13-14th December 2017, New Delhi, India. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Abstract (in English)

Reggio Calabria in southern Italy is home to many minor historic centres (MHCs) of Greek origin characterized by a strong territorial identity. Taking into account the political inaction and stagnating socio-economic development, this research aims to explore how emerging civic engagement resulting from empowerment of local population and community collaboration helps revitalize these MHCs through value-adding of its heritage. To this end, the research first looks into the driving forces of emerging civic engagement by analysing the conditions and forms of local empowerment and community collaboration in the MHCs. Then based on literature review and field studies of three MHCs, Pentedattilo, Riace and Bova, it proposes a civic engagement pattern that follows a mixed approach that is heritagebased and system/network-based. Such a mixed approach is able to facilitate civic engagement and lever sustainable local socio-economic development. Finally, this paper addresses the financial gap that often makes community-led initiatives for the value-adding of Heritage not sustainable in terms of economic impact. Therefore, the research integrates the mixed approach to civic engagement with financial instruments, such as civic crowd-funding. Besides, it discusses how in practice these financial instruments managed by the community can help implement the initiatives based on local heritage in a sustainable way.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Yapeng, Ou
Languages: English
Keywords: Historic Towns; dereliction; empowerment; civic engagement; private funding; cultural identity; crowdfunding; financial aspects; local communities; sustainability; community participation; Italy
Subjects: E.CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION > 09. Social and economic aspects of conservation
G.DETERIORATION > 04. Effects of deterioration
H.HERITAGE TYPOLOGIES > 14. Historic urban landscapes
J.HERITAGE ECONOMICS > 05. Heritage and sustainable development
Name of monument, town, site, museum: Calabria region, Italy
National Committee: ICOMOS International
ICOMOS Special Collection: Scientific Symposium (ICOMOS General Assemblies)
ICOMOS Special Collection Volume: 19th General Assembly, New Delhi, 2017
Depositing User: intern icomos
Date Deposited: 20 Nov 2018 08:52
Last Modified: 18 Jan 2019 11:13
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URI: https://openarchive.icomos.org/id/eprint/1932

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